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Régine Droin

Cérine Vasseur

 mother & daughter

Who created EVODY Parfums, built her career in the hedonistic sphere of cosmetics and, in mastering this world, she discovered a new passion which she later built up professionally.


Thanks to her know-how, she was approached by a group of Parisian perfumeries to launch an advertising campaign devoted to perfume;  her obsessional passion for perfume was thus born.


Quickly gaining experience in this domain, she then created her own enterprise in this specialised teaching field, thus communicating her love for Perfume, its history, olfaction, evoking sensory flights of imagination ...


And this love was transmitted to her daughter, Cérine.



From an early age, showed special interest in perfume, preferring essential oils from Régine’s olfactorium to her dolls.  She already enjoyed concocting simple formulas as if she wanted to penetrate the secrets of perfume. 


This is probably why she soon revealed surprising olfactive skills.  Her first steps were in the field of fashion working in Haute Couture, but she was soon caught up by this passion for perfumery she shared with her mother.


As Beaudelaire so rightly wrote “A beautiful perfume is a fragrance that talks to you. It cannot leave you indifferent”.

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